Top 3 things to do in Drage – Active vacation

You want to enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic, but also spend your vacation in the most interesting way possible? Active vacation is the best way to do that. Find out the top 3 places near Drage that are truly worth visiting!

Located between the fascinating Adriatic Sea and the magical Vrana Lake – away from the city bustle and crowds of tourists – Drage is a place for all who seek complete rest and relaxation on the beautiful Dalmatian coast.

The small town of Drage is situated in the central zone of Dalmatia on the main road between Zadar and Šibenik along the extremely indented coast, crystal clear sea and a view of numerous islands on the edge of the Kornati National Park. In the vicinity of the village there are many tourist centers, historical sites and natural beauties which we’re sure you can’t wait to visit.


Vrana Lake – Nature Park

If you are staying in Drage, a visit to the largest Croatian freshwater lake is more than worth a visit. Only 7 km away, it is definitely the first choice for all true nature lovers, but also those who want to see something different and enjoy the fresh air.

The former wetland area has been drastically transformed into a nature park and today is known as Vrana Lake. It was created in the 18th century as a result of an initiative for revitalization and landscaping by the locals, in tandem with the Venetian royal family Borelli.

On this tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the sea and surrounding islands, as well as explore Roman ruins (dating back to 800) and observe various animal species such as migratory birds, jackals, foxes, rabbits, partridges and wild boars.


Maškovića Han – a touch of the Middle Ages

The influence of the Ottoman Empire you can find  near village of Vrana, by visiting Mašković Han. Here is the largest Ottoman monument in Croatia, whose construction began in 1644 by order and funds of Jusuf Mašković, a native of Vrana, a high dignitary at the sultan’s court and supreme admiral of the Turkish fleet. Jusuf Mašković built a local han or Turkish inn, as his personal castle and residence.

You can experience the spirit of the past by staying in a hotel consisting of 14 rooms, two suites, reception, restaurant, souvenir shop, wellness center and a small museum which shows a very interesting past of the estate.


Two-wheeled adventure

The most popular bike trails near Drage are routes 4, 5 and 6 which are not far away from the little town of Pakoštane. If you are an expert in cycling, choose Route 4, the most demanding of the three mentioned. Be sure to stop at “Sign 537” – a viewpoint with amazing views of the surrounding area and the sea. Round off your Route 4 trip with a view of Vrana Lake before returning.

Route 5, on the other hand, is perfect for amateur cyclists. Starting from Biograd, through Pakoštane, the trail offers a stunning view of the Vrana field. The last section back to Biograd (this is a circular trail) includes a view of the macchia bushes, a unique Mediterranean biome.

Route 6 is the shortest and easiest route of all and is tailored to all family members. If you decide for it, you will pass by Pakoštane and Biograd, along the way looking at Vrana fields and the Vrana lake Nature Park.


This picturesque place, rich in distinctive atmosphere, exceptional indentation of the coast, numerous bays, peninsulas and pebble beaches captivates with the naturalness of the environment and offers guests a true oasis of peace and quiet. In the benefits of Mediterranean nature, everyone can find their own corner of summer paradise by relaxing in accommodation in private houses and luxury campsites.